Curtis A. Cali

Software Developer @ Chainbridge Technologies


Henderson, Nevada, USA

Welcome to my personal website! I’m Curtis and please allow me to introduce myself!

I’m a proud alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT for short). After graduating and receiving my degree in Software Engineering, I went to work for Chainbridge Technologies designing and developing software solution that allow the US Government to more rapidly and accurately respond to and assess emergency situations. I work hard every day to help save lives!

When I’m not working hard to make sure our government has the resources to properly manage emergencies and logistics, I enjoy spending time with my dog, walking, streaming amazing shows, and exploring the beautiful Nevada desert.

If you have any feedback, constructive feedback, or just want to drop me a line, please feel free to do so via any of the socials I link down below, although email or LinkedIn work best for me.


Mar 9, 2023 Added my dotfiles repo to the Github page
Jan 22, 2023 Site launched! New features in development